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Thisbook is not a historical document but rather a mini-autobiography detailingsome of my adventures as a Navy man with friends, both good and otherwise. It is mainly concerned with the period from September 1941, when I joined theNavy Reserve just before the U.S.entered World War II, to April 1946 when I was honorably discharged from theservice. It covers events during two invasions but perhaps more interestingly,the unusual and sometimes bizarre happenings during preparation and trainingperiods. There were happy times when we laughed and times when we should have cried anddangerous times when we lived and others died. We associated under close livingconditions with many types of men. A very few were both pompous and petty andwith whom you had little in common, but most were those whom you admired andwho would stand beside you no matter what the danger. This book was written so that my family and friends both known and unknown whomight have a free spirit in their midst could view a snapshot of my life duringthose turbulent years. It has some serious moments but lots of smiles to makeyou glad you went along with me for the ride.
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