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Dispensational Theology is crucial in order to understand the Bible. But most people do not comprehend the similar but distinct ministry and message of Jesus and the Twelve to the Jews, in relation to Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles, during the transitional time of the early church. Furthermore, several dispensational views exist today that contradict each other and further confuses and divides Christians.Acts One Dispensationalism (a new view by the author) examines all the major views and provides the solution to the great dispensational debate that has divided all of Christendom. It carefully divides the Word by using literal-grammatical-historical methods of interpretation and corrects several commonly held errors.In this book one will gain a better understanding of the mission of Jesus and the Twelve to Israel, and Paul's separate mission to the Gentile nations, and the purpose of water baptism in their ministries. This book also covers the meaning of "the mystery" of being in Christ and how it relates to all the saints of all ages. In time, Acts One Dispensationalism may rival Acts 2, Progressive, and Mid-Acts Dispensationalism as a more viable biblical interpretation.
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