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Build Your Body for Life, Sex and Love
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Are You Tired of the Diet and Weight Loss Battle?This Book Shows You How to Get Fit in 30 Days or Less No Matter How Out of Shape You Are Now - Guaranteed!Looking for better Health, Fitness, Sex and Love life---but can't figure out what what you're doing wrong?Slash Your Unwanted Body Fat By at Least 30 Percent Within 10 Days and Quickly Meet That One Person WhoTests Out as Your Ideal Romantic Partner - For LIFE...Now Dear Friend,I'm sick of it! As You Study Every Word Of This Book You Will DiscoverWhy I'm sick of self-proclaimed "diet, fitness and health gurus" who play on our desperation, on our fears, on our frustration, our failures, and on our hopes and dreams. They know we want to look better, live healthier and to succeed in life. They know dieting, and battling the bulge is tough. And they know we'll pay almost any price to relieve our frustration and reach our goals. And what they do is rip us off with promises and guarantees that don't hold water! And they are getting incredibly rich off of US! It's time for a change. There are several big name in fitness and health marketing and promoting the hell out of themselves and their products.They say that because so-and-so di it, you can too. All you need is their tape package, or video package, or special program. And all you have to do is pay a few thousand dollars for it!Okay. We've been led by the nose for a long time. Let's stop and ask a couple of fundamental questions: 1. Do the packages they sell work? 2. Do the packages they sell REALLY reveal all you need to know?Now let's crack this nut and look inside.
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Build Your Body for Life, Sex and Love - Silvan Teodoro

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