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In today’s society our children are struggling with themselves, with their inner-self, not knowing where to go. Many youth have left home and gone into the streets. Only a few of our children turn to God for the answer. Satan has so much to offer and he makes it seem so enjoyable. Our children are looking for, “Right-now,” deliverance. “Right now to get what I need want.” But to serve and wait on God, it takes patience and sacrifice. Therefore God, through His Holy Spirit, spoke to me to tell mothers how we should pray for our children. If you are a woman without children, there is motherly love in your heart, god made us that way. Mother’s and Fathers, we all should pray for our children. Sometimes we are to lay out before the Lord with sackcloth. Come naked before God, meaning that there is nothing in our heart but God and Jesus partitioning the throng of God’s Grace. (Jonah 3:5)I know prayer works. Many times you will see where prayer changed situations for me arid God is no respecter of persons. When we live for God, He honors it.
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