A cold breeze swept over the man as he slept. He shifted, pulling the covers around him tighter, oblivious to the pair of glowing green eyes that glared down at him. His breathing fell back to a comfortable snore as the knife plunged towards his heart. Chronicles of an Assassin allows you to journey into the life and mind of fledgling assassin, Skyler Zane. Skyler Zane is positioning himself to be the greatest assassin known to man. He has the look, the weapons, the moves; his cold nature molded by his semi psychotic personality and his employers'' desperate need for control over his life. As he delves deeper into the seedy world of crime and mercenaries, he feels his humanity slipping away. Will he allow the tragedies in his life to turn him into a heartless monster? Will he ever regain his humanity? Join the Journey.
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