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This is the true story of two Bricklayers David and Scott, who met at technical college in 1978, where they were both studying to become bricklayers. They quickly became firm friends, and after completing their apprenticeships worked together as a team and eventually started a small construction company.Things were going swimmingly for them both until the recession of the late 1980's began to bite deep and the construction industry began to slowly collapse around them. As jobs became increasingly scarce and harder to find with wages dropping dramactically on a weekly basis, they found the only way to beat the recession was to leave England and their families to find work abroard in the vain hope of earning enough money to be able to pay their mortgages and keep their homes by what ever means it took to achive it.As they begin their travels starting in Holland it goes to prove that not speaking the language or understanding simple things like culture or even road signs can lead to situations that quickly get out of hand and cause no end of problems!! The two of them suddenly find that ignorance quickly results in their small problems becoming extremely large problems and as they expand their travels following the money through Europe using Scotts VW Camper as their mode of transport, they find that things can only go from bad to worse, a lot worse!!
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ISBN: 9781456791919
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