The Victorian
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Embark on a truly unique journey of determination and hope, spanning the middle 1800’s to present day. Follow the paths of a man and woman as they each face obstacles in the hopes of one day finding one another. During their separate journeys, each is drawn to the same magnificent Victorian, but for altogether different reasons and at different moments in time. See the individual struggles and circumstances surrounding them during their short lives. James and Kristen experience happy and harsh lives, caring upbringings to careless. Each time a new journey begins, the two grow more attached to the stories of the person who passed through the mystical Victorian, but whose existence did not cross their own. James and Kristen become wrapped-up in situations involving everything from train robberies in the 1800’s, the Jersey shore during the Victorian Era, New York City in the Roaring Twenties, a defense plant employing women during World War II, the dawn of Rock and Roll in the 1950’s and much more. These wandering souls touch the lives of those around them and create friendships that mold both into who they will eventually become. The most remarkable friendships occur when they cross paths with the family of an African-American woman. She documents her family’s stories and believes that the two were meant to someday join together. Through undaunted courage, persistence, and uncontrollable hope, these remarkable individuals vow not to give up until they find the person they are meant to be with. Only then will they truly feel whole. The question is, will the time ever be right? Witness the countless aspects that have changed our everyday ways of life over the past century and a half, and see just how resilient and hopeful the human spirit is.
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