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This book is as much a personal and intellectual journey as it is a quest to uncover the Holy Grail of truth concerning two of America’s most perplexing subject matters--Sex and Race. With remarkable clarity, objectivity, and occasional passion, Terry Moore tackles nearly every hot button issue of our day related to either or both sex and race. Everything from the O.J. Simpson trial, and Geraldo Rivera’s covering of it, to the real reasons some black men eagerly seek white women and vice versa; To America’s response to September 11th, and finally to the conclusion that the interracial coupling of the white female and black male may ironically be pivotal in bringing this Nation’s people together. It’s all here, and more. Moreover, few books leaves its readers with a complete sense of “Now that makes sense”, even when it runs counter to all he or she has known or been taught perhaps over their lifetime. The sometimes controversial nature of this book is at once not only part of its draw and appeal, but also part of its charm and beauty, as it promises to both enlighten and entertain, and on all counts it delivers!
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