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Deep within the consciousness of the people there is a memory, a memory of a time when man, woman and beast roamed alongside each other. They made their way across this vast Earth bringing with them memories which have been lost to legend and myth. These stories which lay dormant within us form our history, beginnings and endings mapped within the very blueprint of our DNA. The veils of ignorance which have surrounded us are wearing thin. This shift in consciousness brings with it change, a chance in these end times to transform and grow. A moment in the Now to create a world upon this Earth that is in harmony with its surroundings. An opportunity to heal the rifts within ourselves and with those around us. Voice of the Dragon – Vision Dreams of the Crow Mother has been written to give the reader a Telling of the author’s own dreaming, memories and Seeing. It is an extract of past, present and future, a singing of words that speak of the journey she and her ancestors have made. It takes the reader down through the many Ages when the Earth cycles were remembered as Atlantis, Lemuria, Pangea and Mu. When the very Earth herself was known as Tiamat and the Dragon Consorts who protected her roamed free. “Step into your own Vastness, Infinity sleeps within you.”Mother Two-Crows, Legend Caller.
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