The Tyranny of the Trinity
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The Tyranny of the Trinity lends a "Voice of Reason" to a biblically unsubstantiated doctrine. This book will afford readers a more fair and balanced approach to the Scriptures which have been so distorted by the mishandling and misinterpretations of clergy via their creeds and doctrines. The conscientious truth-seeker will be given a perspective contrary to what they have perennially been taught primarily through tradition and generational adherence to a particular belief. Justice is only served when "all the facts" are known. A lie told long enough carries more weight the the truth; hence, the Trinity. The Trinity is perceived as a "mystery" even withn its own camp, but continues to remain the Cornerstone of Christianity. Those who do not embace this doctine are considered heretics! This is the con job bequeathed on Judeo-Christianity by the early Church Fathers.
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