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Do you believe in ghosts? Poltergeists? Aliens? Hayden Walker was hesitant to believe in them but in 1981 he decided it was time to pursue a career in the field of paranormal investigation. In the fall of 1981, Walker attended Graduate School at Stanford University and undertook a class on paranormal psychology. From that moment forward, Walker was convinced and he dedicated his life to convincing the rest of the world his convictions were correct. What lies in these pages are the first-hand accounts of Hayden Walker and a crew of courageous investigators who were willing to delve into the dark shadows of the ethereal plain. More than that, however, through these diary entries, we get a chance to see the private side of Hayden Walker who was as misunderstood in death as he was in life. The following pages allow you to burrow into the personal life of Walker as he tries to juggle his precarious, mercurial occupation, his family and love. Follow Hayden Walker and his intrepid crew of investigators as they embark upon journey after journey into the realm of the paranormal on investigations that will befuddle even the strongest of minds.
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