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Wash Each Other's Feet
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Wash Each Other’s Feet - Healing Our Spirit with Relational Ministry, is the response to the relational disconnect currently being experienced and deeply felt in our society. The answer is to Wash Each Other’s Feet daily...with love. Relational Ministry will affect every area of your life, and every relationship you have, including the one with yourself and, most importantly, the one with God. Wash Each Other’s Feet gives tangible examples of Relational Ministry in marriage, family, in our churches, in our work places, and in our daily encounters. This book offers tools to support you in your relational journey. The message will challenge you, encourage you, and ultimately reveal that there is hope! We believe that Healing Our Increasingly Disconnected World with Relational Ministry is possible, and it starts with you... right now... "Go now and Wash Each Other''''s Feet as I have shown you." Jn. 13:14-15
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