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SECRETS OFSUCCESSFUL SOUND MIXING“Mixed Up,”Is a hands-on guidefor the weekend warrior. SimonCasas is a third generation musician who is passionate about what he calls the“soul chemistry” of sound mixing. After spending a lifetime as a professionalmusician and sound mixer, he has penned this humorous yet insightful guide thatprovides not only technical guidance, but solutions to the personalityconflicts that can hobble successful work behind the sound board.Simonbegan playing music as a child, learning the piano, guitar and eventually thefretless bass -- his signature instrument. His musical chops led him to workwith artists including The Righteous Brothers, Sonny & Cher, Freddie Cannonand many others. In the recording studio, he worked with producers such as DickMarx, Vern Dant, Walt Aldridge, among others. He has produced for both radioand television stations and directed sound for a mega church in the Kansas City area. MixedUp stands out on the shelves in that, while it addresses technical issues, itis written for the layman. Simon’s real world experience allows him to walk asound mixer through a successful rehearsal and live performance while warningof potential hazards. The book also contains chapters that detail solutions fordealing with the quirks of musicians and complaints from audiences. It alsocontains a chapter focusing on the character qualities that are necessary tosucceed behind the board. Thispractical manual belongs in the hands of every serious non-professional whomixes sound.
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