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This is our second book compiling some of the many wondrous works done by Mr. Paul (Poof) Tardiff. The first book contains the stories that appeared on my site in 2001. This book contains stories from 2002, two sport related stories from 2003 (by special request), and one story that has not yet appeared on the site. Can you identify it? Poof is the local historian in the Berlin, New Hampshire area. His countless hours of research have brought him and his readers a little closer to understanding the full dynamics of the hard work, suffering, accomplishments, and heritage of the people of Berlin’s days gone by. With that understanding comes a deeper appreciation for this little "Paper City" nestled high atop the mountain range of northern New Hampshire. Many Berlinites have wandered forth from this mountain home and have chosen to settle in points outside of the area. It is through the appearance of these stories on my website, www.du-nord.berlin.nh.us, that Poof has achieved a greater fame and familiarity with these readers. Whether local or distant, many Berlinites eagerly look forward to reading the next weekly story. A story to rekindle the spark of imagination and memory in the minds of the older folks, many of whom have been exposed to some of these events as they unfolded. They also light the fires of imagination and wonder in the minds of the newer generations, as they explore the heritage of this little city, which they call home.The interactive Guestbook and Bulletin Board on the site continue to prove that these stories are warranted and desired by those that were raised here. (And some that were not.) The entries we find in the Guestbook attest to the value of the service we provide, while the Bulletin Board serves as a valuable point of contact for those seeking family connections. Week by week, a little more of Berlin’s rich, colorful history is researched and shared for all those who care to read all about it.
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