In January 1960 the 42-foot yacht Lang Su sailed from Newport Beach, California for a year of cruising the South Pacific. Off the coast of Mexico, several days were spent on the prison island of Maria Madre were Rollin scared his mother half to death seeing him with a boa constrictor around his neck. After dark, Manihi was safely found by the populace shining flashlights. A farewell party was given and later we discovered the main dish was dog. All crew members were frightened in the Tuamotu Atolls, as we went through the reef to Takaroa. Sailing Directions said only boats up to a 7-foot draft -- Lang Su’s was 6 -- could enter. When the Fathometer, in seconds, dropped from 70 feet to 10, with coral fingers inches away, hearts pounded. At Makita we were brave enough to eat worm croquettes. Another close call was when Nane, a native of Bora Bora, was allowed to captain the ship, as he called it. Instructions had been given for Him on “come about” the moment a passage was made. The sails were being worked, but Nane didn’t do his part. Greg took over and saved the ship.
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