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As each of us meander or race through our days, we all encounter those situations, conversations, or even just words that give us pause. Sometimes we respond immediately, sometimes we stew about it, sometimes we ignore it, but sometimes we take it in and ponder its aspects, wanting to understand. It may give us curiosity to explore it further. It may cause frustration or regret that we wish to mend. It may give us pleasure and peacefulness that we may surrender to its pulse. And it may shock our sensibility that we must draw on it for solution. These moments of awakening can strike as lightning that we may be impacted to grow. These are stepping stones within our life journey that raise our awareness and mature our inner being, and this is the message as it has revealed itself. Each day we meet people, places, circumstances, and theory that we stop to wonder, we stop to hear, we stop just because we must…Stepping Stones…life lessons found in the everyday… attempts to discuss these moments of awakening. It is our conversations, our ideas, our impressions as we have met. The essays and commentaries are meant to share these many perspectives that give us cause to think, and then maybe expand our point-of-view, opening our insight that we may discern, find wisdom and improve our being, ever toward God.Stepping Stones…life lessons found in the everyday…is the second in a series forthcoming that begins with Contemplating Life’s Journey…A Philosophical Workbook.
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