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Thirty-something advertising executive Sal Fortis, whose creativity and brilliance are unsurpassed, is beginning to grasp that his life is changing. Frustrated that he has attained very little beyond the ordinary, Sal starts to question all his decisions, including the one to work for an advertising agency run by the pompous and untalented Ted Kantor. Thankfully, Sal has found a way to distract himself from his mundane world—he relentlessly chases women. But when he meets the boss’s wife, Evelyn, everything changes.Fifty-two-year-old Evelyn Kantor is worth a fortune and is blessed with the body of a much younger woman. Enthralled, Sal soon learns there is much more to Evelyn than he ever imagined as she slowly introduces him to the true meaning of life. It is not long before Evelyn and Sal develop a deep relationship. Unfortunately, the challenges are just beginning; Evelyn is diagnosed with cancer, and his boss insists Sal take a leave of absence to tend to his wife.In a surreal world where reality and dreams seem to blend, Evelyn and Sal begin an unforgettable journey together toward the truth and soon learn that life is full of unexpected twists and turns.
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ISBN: 9781462053834
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