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Out of the box,growing and learning… Out of the box, growing and learning is a quote in our book. We selected this saying because that’s how we feel about our body of work. Our Poetry and Food for Thought is unique in the way that young and old will be able to relate and understand our message. Writer’s Block is not targeted to any one group of people; it’s universal. We believe people from all walks of life can pick up a copy, and take a little something from it, because they’ve either experienced a similar situation, or know someone who has. That’s one brief synopsis to Out of the box; we are all growing and learning hopefully. Another component to Writer’s Block that I find unique is that we didn’t just add photos to our body of work, we added art photography to express our thoughts and feelings, and we combined it all into one to make a whole. We all brought something different and unique to the table. This is beautiful in and of itself. We thrive on being uniquely different, while at the same time growing and learning from each other, as well as other authors. Lastly, none of us currently hold degrees in writing or journalism. We’re straight Out of the box, growing and learning. So, how did we do?We would love to hear from you.
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