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Owning Your Self
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ARE YOU THE OWNER OR AN OCCUPANT OF YOUR LIFE? Ownership has it’s privileges! When you go into a store, you get to try on all sorts of clothing in order to see how you like it. You can try on anything, but you can’t change the hem length or adjust the waist or even shorten the sleeves. After you purchase the item and are officially the owner, you are free to do anything you wish. When it comes to property or material goods, this concept is accepted worldwide without question. When it comes to your own life, however, you don’t exercise your rights as an owner and yield that power to others. Insights within this book will open your eyes to pride of ownership of your self! What you’ll discover will lead you to a fuller life… full of love for yourself and a better appreciation for every moment you are alive. “Dr. Marty Mieszkowski is one of the foremost experts in his field of Hypnotherapy. This is exactly what I would expect from Marty…a book full of wisdom which points you in the direction of a wonderful life.” - Paul Haider, author of “Relax into Success”
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Owning Your Self - Marty Mieszkowski

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