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A MUST READ FOR PARENTS, PARENTS-TO-BE AND EDUCATORS OF YOUNG CHILDREN What makes My Child Won’t Listen…and other early childhood problems different from other books about parenting is the experience Linda Griffin brings to writing it. This is an upbeat, practical, no-nonsense, book filled with real-life examples of child behavior that she witnessed during her teaching career. The vignettes in the book are representative of the most common problems that Ms.Griffin experienced through the years. This is a book for parents, educators, and other professionals who work with children and want strategies that work. Learn how to help young children settle their differences in a productive way. Learn what to do with a picky eater, and why “time out” alone doesn’t change behavior. Find out the best way to talk to your child’s teacher, and the reasons a bright child may be getting poor grades. Discover how to end the “scenes” in a supermarket or interrupted phone conversations. Do you know if you are a difficult parent? You’ll find out in the chapter The Difficult Parent – a guide for children. It’s sure to bring a smile to your face. My Child Won’t Listen…and other early childhood problems is a small book that is packed with insight, guidance and humor.
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