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After the crash of their spaceship at Roswell, New Mexico, Dale Owens and Janet Wright were covertly transported to a classified location in Washington. Dale briefed the President and the intelligence community on the fact that the people of Earth are the children of Olaun, Dale’s home planet. He also informed them that at least one other alien group is interested in Earth, the Clarions. Doctor Morgan Thomas has taken both Dale and Janet into his confidence and asked them to assist the United States in developing new technology and setup a Disinformation System to hide the fact there are aliens and UFOs.Several years have passed since the President directed the formation of the Advanced Research Programs Agency (ARPA). This agency has spent the time developing space tracking and communications systems and used SkyLab to contact the Olaun Spacestation. The Olaun spacestation has been tracking the movements of the Clarions, and have determined the Clarions are a danger to the Spacestation as well as ...EARTH.
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