Heart and Soul of a Prophetess of God
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From the Publisher

My book is to reach out mainly to women of God and just women who have not found themselves yet in the perspective of how God sees them. You may have low self esteem and lack confidence in who you are in Christ Jesus because there seems to be no one else who understands or can appreciate you as to who you are . Jesus says, "you are the apple of His eye." So, woman of God, don't undermine yourself and then you won't have to concern yourself about what others think. My book does just what the title says, it comes out of my heart and soul to reach out to your heart and soul for the Kingdom of God's sake. I am sharing my own personal experiences of what the word of God has taught me in all of my adult life thus far. Even before the Lord raised me to the level of faith that I am now in, I experienced his word when he said , "You must suffer persecution for righteousness sake." And since I am a Prophetess, I have learned how to rejoice in knowing that so persecuted they the prophets who went before me. Read my book with an open heart and feed into your soul what the word of God is teaching through me in practical , everyday life situations. You will be blessed.
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