thoughts, dreams, short stories and poetry of a half witty mind
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To be honest this is my second book published through AuthorHouse. However, it is my first love of creativity within my mind. My family entertained themselves in many ways every Sunday afternoon. When I was young, we regularly had competitions between the five of us. All had talent by singing, dancing and recitals of plays or poetry. I myself followed Shakespeare sonnets, and a wide range of stage plays by the great writer. So being who I am, over the years of my life, I wrote down the moments that I found amusing. To my surprise, I found over one hundred old notebooks. I am currently writing my first book, which I named Dragon Eye Chronicles. It gave me the confidence to select two hundred poems for your entertainment. Of course, I rewrote and updated them to fit today’s style of society that we all choose to follow or protest for a better life. I split up the book in six volumes that cover a wide range of material. Each section covers a certain period in my life, growing up from a child, teenager, and adult, finding love, and losing one’s self with the outside influences. Please enjoy with a little soft music, red wine and candle light to capture the small love poems that I wrote in my youth. I hope you enjoy them.
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