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What Goes Around Comes Around
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I am not a celebrity or any other house hold name you could have heard about on the radio or TV. This is my first book. I have no other writing experience. One day as I was sitting in one of my sister’s TV room wasting more of my time it dawn on me to write a book about my short hard life I had lived. For some reason I had the faith that this book would be in stores next to celebrities books. I guess it was because I really had a lot of faith that my book on my real life problems maybe would help someone to get some real help with similar issues before it would be too late. I am just a small town girl that has encountered a lifetime of problems by the age of 43, by my own doing mostly and some the devil helped me with, since I have been on God’s Mysterious, challenging, unexpected and surprising earth. I will talk about the pain I endured when I was molested at the age of eleven by a close family friend. I lived through depression, anxiety and panic attacks that almost caused me to end my life on many occasions. I’ve battled mental and physical abuse by the hands of my ex-husband. I have been dealing with the unexpected death of my last man that had almost caused me to lose my mine. I battled the demon of drugs that could have ended my life with one puffing on crack cocaine along with a lot of health problems that could have caused me to have a stroke or heart attack. I hope and pray that my book will help someone; somehow to deal with their problems better than I did. I thank you for purchasing my first book with all my heart. There will be more books to come. ENJOY! GOD BLESS!
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