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Project Colorful Skin
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What started out as a high profile research project conducted by 4 middle-aged professors accelerates into an unanticipated morass of international proportions. Set in the fictional Republic of West African Union League in the year 2154, Project Colorful Skin captures our imagination, pulling us into a time when skin dying is as common as hair dying, and the HIV virus can be conquered by genetic therapy. Phyllis Randolph is the project manager for a recently funded research project dubbed Colorful Skin, hiding its profound invasion into the human genome. Hired as the project lead by the RWAULIAN government, Phyllis is blind-sided by her former lover, the now RWAULIAN Secretary for Public Health. They struggle over the project’s newly discovered genetic-based serum for HIV, which may be the greatest discovery in nearly 200 years of trying – and the most lucrative.
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