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The Awakening is a book of positive poems, affirmations, inspirations and simple lessons that will affect the reader’s subconscious to motivate the start of a journey to self-improvement. The book is very easy to navigate through. The words are precise; the messages are loud and clear. The message is simple. Love yourself, love others, tame your fear and move forward in action. It has been said that The Awakening is yoga for your mind. The words are based on the author’s own journey and experiences. Healers, teachers and everyday people have been inspired by the poetry in the book to help themselves and others change their lives. These positive changes helped them grow and achieve their hopes, wishes, and possibilities. This book is just the first step to unlock the greatness each of us have in our hearts and soul. It can lead the readers to think of positive changes they can make and therefore lead a more fulfilled life of passion, bliss and abundance. Enjoy the journey, may life bring you joy, happiness and truth. Namaste Tony Hellman
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ISBN: 9781467051507
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