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As a young man, Parker was a gifted artist, apple of his family’s eye, and a sought-after lover. Yet, on the verge of success, he walked away from it all. Twenty-two years later, now a respected physician but a loner, he learns he has inoperable cancer and will die within months.With the death sentence, Parker’s questions about his own life demand immediate answers—and resolution. Why did he give up art? Why is he so alone? And so, like a surgeon doing an autopsy, he cuts open his past and examines its parts, and in so doing, presents the reader with a vital and varied cast of characters.From his youth, we meet his wild friends and fellow art students, the woman he loves and the other women he sleeps with, the demanding mother and beleaguered father whose suffocating hopes for him he must flee, and his brilliant but scathing art teacher who risks everything for success. And then there’s Renny, the woman he’s only just met, who helps open his eyes to his past, and who may offer love and redemption—if he’ll let her
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