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Many people live and die never knowing or fulfilling their purpose and destiny in life. Hidden deep in the heart of God are keys to fulfilling the multi-dimensional life plan that involves a very specific assignment uniquely designed for each one of us. Unlocking the secret of how to live out our life and purpose in three dimensions involves multiple components. Knowing our destiny - or simply our destination, taking dominion over disappointment and discouragement, ruling in life as stewards of the truth, expressing our priesthood as followers of Jesus, and demonstrating the kingdom of God in the earth.The Dream Key : Defining Moments and Prophetic EncountersThe Definition Key: Knowing Your Identity and Finding Your VoiceThe Development Key: Unlocking Your Potential for PositioningThe Discipline Key: Knowing the Times and SeasonsThe Demonstration Key: Taking Dominion of Your FutureThe study of biblical, historical and contemporary leaders reveals the disturbing fact that few leaders finish well. Studies show that there are key barriers that can exist in the life of the leader that contribute to downfall and, if we desire to finish well, we must be aware of them. While leadership failure will continue to be a reality in our societies, there are key traits that we can identify and develop from those leaders who have finished well, who have left a legacy to contribute to the success of we who follow. The application of these characteristics, coupled with strong spiritual disciplines, is the focal point for all leaders who desire to finish well, and not be disqualified for service.
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