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Walk This Road is more than a chronology of events. In fact, it is the culmination of life experiences from a diverse range of people, places and situations. In times of difficulty, it is easy to believe that we are alone in our trials or that no one else has ever had the same doubts and fears. We learn things the hard way and move on – that’s just the way it is. Or is it?The underlying theme of this book is that the myriad of lessons that we experience in life can be learned with much less suffering and trial, by simply reading the Greatest Book Ever Written – The Holy Bible. However, many people are either unaware or intimidated by God’s Word. That is why Walk This Road was written as an easy book to read and one that will appeal to a wide range of backgrounds, age groups, educations and points on their individual roads of faith.After all, the lessons chronicled here can be learned and applied at any age. And those lessons can, and should, be as meaningful to teenagers as they are to those of us at what I like to call the more “experienced” ages.Not really written as a story with a beginning, middle and an ending, it is more like a journal in your backpack as you hike the path of life or a friend that can be called upon when times make you think of a particular concept or thought. More partner than trail map – when you need an encouraging word or a reassurance during one of life’s tough lessons. Although not intended specifically as an outline for Bible Study, the scriptural references for each lesson are provided in the hope that you will explore His Word for deeper meaning.
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Walk This Road - W. C. Rieck

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