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This book is written for people who love life, for a classic romantic person with a tender heart and a strong feeling for a passionate and tender loving.For those forever young, whose lives are more than ordinary, but romantic with and fascinated by a loved one; which is present or absent. A weep for a lost one and the pursue of recovery. For those who love life, beyond the view of the normal existence.These are messages for the non-ordinary people, but for those special ones with emotional attachments, with high purity of love. For people with romantic involvement, to court, or to woo that special someone in his or her life. Because love is more than a word, it is a mysterious and magical power that involves everyone and changes our destinies forever.Love is a tender attachment between two lovers, which is so ardent, emotional, and with such strong fascination and beautiful feelings that eventually you will be the object of such passion.Yes, you will be enamored, charmed, captivated, and in love with someone who is already out there looking for you; and when you look at that person, you will notice right away it’s right there for you.You will be overcome in a swirl of intense desire, love, and passion, and you cannot do anything about it. Simply, it will be irresistible.Dan Vega
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ISBN: 9781463498771
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