Taming The Obstetrical Tiger
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Taming is for women contemplating childbirth and facing the interventional practices currently the mode. Taming explores the common interventions in hospital birth responsible for the rising incidence of violence, depression and suicide in children.Taming is an in-depth critique of modern obstetrical care while it instructs and encourages safer solutions in childbirth. Taming addresses the cause and effect of fetal trauma stressing fetal consciousness and sentience. Taming offers safe alternatives to the progressively interventional medical management of normal childbirth.Medically managed birth is about considerations of the doctors, the institutions, the insurance companies, and the fear of malpractice claims. Our babies are not products. They are conscious, feeling, sentient beings from the day of conception and must be honored as such.Part One is a review of institutional childbirth care delivery. This section is to give the reader a foundation to understand the medical model and the politics of hospital care.Part Two is designed to open the understanding of the prenatal and birth aspects of obstetrical management and attempts to clarify “Intentionality”.Part Three offers a solution to and completion of birthing practices contrasted with the prospective of Mother-Baby-Centered childbirth.Taming attempts to answer the question: Is there a way for childbirth to occur where the baby’s consciousness and sentience is implicit and where mother’s authority over her body and process is maintained and respected?
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