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The story in African Child: From Wizard to Refugee is a true story based on the confession of a refugee from Liberia. This is a man who once lived as a powerful hunter in an African village and was tortured to death in the hands of his antagonists in the dense forest. He was reincarnated and wanted to modify the voodoo or African science for the benefit of the continent. But his dream was almost shattered by the decade and half of Liberian civil war which turned him into a refugee. Though the story is base on Kailuo’s confession of his life experiences, it is an embodiment of the sufferings of all typical African children. It is the symbolic expression of the cries and yearnings for peace of millions of disadvantaged African children in the bushes, villages, and refugee camps. This is but one of the millions of stories that are yet untold about the sufferings inflicted on the children of Africa by warlords, politicians, merchants of death, and enemies of humanity.
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