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Ride the Wave of Change
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This book is entitled “Ride the Wave of Change - The Ultimate Guide for Life Surfing” because of the similarities between the skills used in ocean surfing and the way we strive to manage change and uncertainty in our lives. Ocean surfing is more than a sport - for many it has become a way of life. This book uses this analogy because it compares the dispositions of ocean surfers and the cyclical nature of waves in the ocean with what it takes to successfully ride the waves of change in our lives. The mentality of ocean surfing, when applied to our everyday lives, affords us the opportunity to learn how to face life’s unexpected changes with a sense of balance born from optimism and confidence. This ability to do this called life surfing. This book will teach you how to become a life surfer by using practical techniques to handle both the unexpected (those not chosen) and expected (those chosen) changes in your life. The book has three sections. The first six chapters present the basic concepts used to build life surfing skills, the next five chapters define the “Charm” process, which includes life surfing techniques and exercises to keep you maintain control during times of transition and uncertainty, and the last few chapters provide advanced techniques and exercises for remaining positive when life gives you the most challenging waves to ride. The techniques and exercises provided in this book not only have the potential to help you become a great life surfer; they will also impact your life in positive ways and influence how you will ride your waves of change forever.
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