Entering The Presence
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The Reality of all life is found in the ‘allness’ of God’s Presence…His Omnipresence! God’s Presence is ALL-INCLUSIVE…meeting our every need. We all have spent a lifetime of searching, heartache, and frustration seeking the ‘things’ of this world to meet our needs. Our very ‘survival’ seemed dependent on the physical world around us. We were living in a ‘state of separation’. God’s Presence was hidden ‘behind the Veil’…the ‘veil of materialism’. Material ‘imagery’ and illusions hid the face of the invisible God.The ‘Good News’ is that we, as Born-Again Believers, have been ‘reconnected’ to our Source. The ‘Blood of Jesus’ broke the Curse of Separation…and God reached down and breathed ‘New Life’ into our dead spirit…a ‘spirit’ that had been ‘slain by Sin’. In one glorious moment the Sacrificial Blood of Calvary broke the Curse off our dead life…and our Spirit became Born-Again. Our Spirit-Man came “BACK TO LIFE’! We became a ‘New Creation’ in Christ Jesus!The Veil was ‘rent’ at Calvary. We, as God’s Children, were now FREE to walk right through the Veil to the other side…into God’s glorious Presence!
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