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Success and achievement never fall from heaven to entangle anyone unless you are among the few who were born with it. Even that, people who are in it knew how they set their target and went for it. They endure the contineous efforts and perseverance to hold on to it else they crumble. For the others, they live in phantom and endure the contineous painful process to change but never change, to make it but never made it year in year out!The truth is that if you, as a living person, are not in the latter, you are in the former no matter who you are. The fact is that your situation will never change unless you first change. The question then is "how do you change to get out of your present situation?" "Do you have the right tool to move forward?" "Are you afraid to try anything because you may fail, or perhaps experience love and marital faiure, heart hungry, loneliness and over critical to yourself and others?" Change of Self answers all these and more! It goes further to show you ways out with antidotes examples. Just read it and you will be amazed and captivated.
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