Be Good To Yourself
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Be Good To Yourself, is a book about the power of forgiveness. You cannot be made whole, become new or be restored to a useful existence in life if you refuse to forgive. Unforgiveness has deep roots that extend to the marrows of blood and bone in the body with several branches that squeeze the very life from you. It will not stop until it has consumed everything that is important to you. It will also make you its prisoner by using its weapons of strife, bitterness, anger and depression to keep you bound. It does not matter how bad you have been hurt, you must forgive, to experience freedom in Christ! Come and take a journey with the author and read how the devastation of a divorce landed her on welfare with two children to care for. Desperate and overwhelmed she turned to Jesus! He met her in her storm and used that time to peel away the layers of hurt in her heart that had been shattered through years of emotional abuse. Her trust in Jesus allowed her to forgive herself as well as those that hurt her and she learned the valuable lesson of how God uses the power of forgiveness to move the mountains in our lives. You too can be made whole and be delivered to live life to the fullest. Be good to yourself and be transformed by God’s Power by choosing to forgive!
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