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Over the years people have known and heard of Hustlers from Harlem. From 114th Street to 117th Street between Manhattan Avenue to Eight Ave is where some of the most influential drug dealers in the world came from. At one point in time 116th street an Eight Avenue was the durg capital of the United States. People from all races, and all parts of the planet did what ever they had to do to get their drugs form 116th street. Movie stars and Politicans, just to name a few, at one time or another even stopped by 116th street to buy drugs. Crews from these blocks expanded their drug enpire to all different cities, and towns across the United States. American Gangster movie might have some insight how it was in the early days in Harlem dealing drugs, but this is the only book in the world, (I think) that gives detail how these blocks in Harlem expanded the drug trade not only in the city, but throughout other part of the United States. Some law enforement officials know that at one time, Harlem was known as the drug distrubition captial, because every major drug cartel wanted a Harlem connect. Just look at the hit show the Wire, and you'll know New York plays a big part in where it all started. These powerful Hustlers from Harlem made millions, killed people and bought things only millionaires and their drug dealing crews with their connections could buy. Now you can read about them.
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