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This is the story of Billy Ranhalt, who is struggling with one of the most difficult challenges one can face. He is in defense at a trial within himself as well as in society that came about in the prime of his life. He is being tried for an injury or as some would say illness that can be found in every society throughtout the world. He is guilty before his trial. His offence is almost invisible to himself as well as many others that may suffer from his offence. His injuries are almost invisible to those surrounding him, yet he sees them himself but does not want to see them. Billy Ranhalt tries to overlook the impossible but must face trial. The injury Billy suffered is one that has become more prominent to our society in the past few years with the growing number of war veterans. The character Billy Ranhalt; is a person most people have seen or may see some day within their job, their friends or among family and very well themselves. The intent of this story is to open the eyes and minds of people incurring awareness and respect to those suffering as Billy did from an incurable but not, untreatable suffering. The only cure Billy finds is not what he really wanted, which is carried out by those unwilling or failing to see his injury. The setting takes place in modern day United States, among a typical American family. It has a strong emphasis on a Gulf War veteran, yet similarites found throughout the world in various surrounding. The ending is not a good ending for Billy, his family or friends. However, an ending that foresight and forethought could have been prevented.
Published: AuthorHouseBooks on
ISBN: 9781449011048
List price: $3.99
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