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Saving America is a book that discusses reforms regarding basic societal and governmental structures in the U.S. that need changing, adjusting or just tweaking. These alterations, the author points out, are needed to keep America strong in today’s ever-changing world. The book offers statistics that each American needs to know. Specific problems are mentioned as are the related reasons for reform. What becomes unique in this book is that the author provides simple solutions in plain language to remedy the problems. The book desires to instill enough feeling and discomfort in the reader to encourage him/her to do something about each issue. The author does this in a plain, simple and lighthearted method using idioms, clichés and sayings of everyday Americana that relate to the vast majority of citizens. Rather than allowing the reader to become lost or overwhelmed in the unnecessary complexities that surround each reform issue as most experts do, the author offers basic solutions that would provide the essential framework for change. Saving America is written as a “wakeup call” to todays apathetic and “do nothing” people to act on their complaints and concerns. The author promotes a foundation of suggestions that can be expanded upon by the appropriate related experts in each field. It is not an “either/or” scenario, but a “Let’s try this” option. This book is not a tutorial, a “how-to” manual, nor a gospel sermon. The book’s objective is that of an action inhibitor. The author wants Americans to think and feel, but not attain frustration. Americans are ingenious and creative. The author essentially states that the destiny of our country is in the readers’/Americans’ hands.
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