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Conventional wisdom said it could never happen.For starters, he was from Arizona and she was from Pennsylvania. Almost a whole continent apart.And he was a widower and she was a widow. With 42 and 47 years, respectively, of happy marriage behind them.And if that wasn’t enough, he was a young 75 and she was a lovely 69; old enough to know better, one might say.Then one day they boarded a plane for Paris. They noticed each other, but didn’t meet.When the plane landed they ended up in the same hotel. Arranged by the same tour group. But both so engrossed in Paris they still didn’t see each other.Then it happened.On the third day their group gathered for an introductory meeting and dinner.They ended up sitting across from each other.He said, “Hi.”She said, “Hello.”And the sparks began to fly.That’s when the love story that couldn’t happen began to happen...
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