Muslims And The West
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The view of world events from the Muslim perspective is naturally quite different. It is not always available first hand in the West. The book attempts to bridge this gap. It examines the historical setting and background of the inter-action with the West to explain how the Muslims think and feel, not only about the current situation but also about the West itself, its motives and intentions. Contrary to President Bush’s claim, they do not hate the West for its achievements or freedoms but for what it does to them. In the past twenty-five years, nearly four million Muslim men, women and children have been killed in religious pogroms and wars waged or supported by the West in Europe, Africa and Asia. More than eight million Muslims have been driven out of their homes and obliged to live in squalid refugee camps scattered throughout the world. Much of this suffering has been inflicted for political and economic reasons. These crimes against humanity are being covered up or justified through an organized and well-orchestrated media campaign aimed at demonizing Islam and the Muslims in the West. There can be little chance for peace as long as this injustice persists and people continue to be persecuted and denied their legitimate rights and liberties. The author contends that much of the blame rests with the Muslims themselves, specifically with their ruling elites, for failing to keep-up with developments in the rest of the world and for selling themselves short.
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