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The Bible is the best-selling book of all time - but many people find it confusing and hard to follow. In The User-Friendly Bible, the editors have selected only the most popular and well-known verses from the Contemporary English Version of the Bible and presented them in chronological order, without the repetition found in conventional bibles.The simple presentation allows the story of the Bible to unfold in an easy-to-follow style which can be read and understood by all age groups. The verses are reproduced , in plain English and the book is lavishly illustrated throughout by one of Australia''s top illustrators.There are also special sections on where to look in the Bible for favourite stories or parables; for verses when you need help or comfort; for verses on the character of God.If you would like to brush up on what you learned in Sunday school, or if you''d like to introduce your family or friends to the beauty and relevance of the Bible, then The User-Friendly Bible is an ideal alternative to the traditional versions.
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