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   You might be asking yourself, “Should I buy this book? Is it really going to be funny? Will it be any better than the hundreds of other humor books I’ve read? Is it worth the money? Who is this guy Baum anyway? Could he be related to that guy who wrote ‘The Wizard of Oz?’.”   Those are all good questions, but you will never know until you take a risk and go for the gusto. This book created an opportunity to combine different types of humor from multiple sources. The humor selected includes stories, quotations, real events, jokes and other cool stuff. I have selected the best of the best because we know how discriminating you sensitive, intelligent and creative readers can be. If you pick up a book of humor, it should be funny.   In the event you don’t have a lot of time to spend in a bookstore reading this book without purchasing it, here is one example: Top Five Things NOT To Say To A Police Officer 5. Gee Officer, that’s terrific. The officer that stopped me earlier today only gave me a warning too. 4. I thought you had to be in good physical condition to be a police officer. 3. Officer your eyes look glazed – have you been eating donuts? 2. You’re not going to check the trunk are you? 1. Could you hold my beer while I get my license out?    Everything in this book may not be the funniest you ever read, but if you do not laugh at most of the content, you should immediately check yourself into a local nursing home or cemetery.
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