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Dr.Robert Joseph Iwaniec -- “The Philosopher Poet” -- is a leader in theinspirational poetry movement. He has the rare ability to engage hisreaders into purposeful thought and the uncanny talent to say so muchin so few words. Nonsense,Dr. Iwaniec’s fifth book of inspired poetry, is a collection of hismost meaningful poems from previous works merged with some of his mostrecent inspirations. Withpoems like “Love becoming”, “Symbiotic”, and “Eternal’s Door”, Dr.Iwaniec delves into topics, which we all think about, but rarelydiscuss. For example, his one-line poem, “As a Matter of Fact”, states: “What man knows of matter, really doesn’t matter to man.” Here,the Philosopher Poet invites the reader to think beyond the senses andto question what he thinks he knows about the world in which he lives.Dr. Iwaniec feels, no matter how deeply we dig into the material world,the immaterial, intangible things will continue to matter the most. Noscientist will ever discover a molecule of love. Yet most would agreethat it is of the highest value.
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