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Eroticism: A Book of Passionate Short Stories is stories about dreams and fantasies. It is about making love in the ultimate sense of the word. These pages will let your imagination roam and feel the love that you could share with your mate and fantasize the experience with your heart, mind and soul; to share the most ultimate erotic experiences which will send electrical waves throughout your veins. These pages will share with you a fantasy world that will drawl you into it and make you feel apart of and make you feel that there is no other feeling you would ever want to express with another human being. There is detailed love, romance, and spiritual happiness inside these pages. There are waterfalls and walks you can take within yourself. You will share the goodness of nature and learn how we all are apart of it. There are dreams that take you inside of yourself, and you’ll have to say to yourself, can I really make this happen? Can I truly feel this kind of love with someone? Can someone really help me feel one with them, as this man and this woman express themselves to one another? All things are possible when you look deep within yourself. You can share such a love, when you take a look into the world of Eroticism, where it’s all about you. Making you feel divine, like no other can. Sharing with you the ultimate feeling of true love and the ultimate feeling of belonging. Come and feel such happiness that feeling of overwhelming surges stream throughout your body! Come in and enjoy your time with me, and let me share some erotic tales with you.
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