Grandmother's Garden
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From the Publisher

Life is a series of stories loosely connected by time. Some are humorous, others tragic. Some are remembered fondly, others dredge up memories too horrible to be told. The stories collected in this little volume are of course mostly romanticized backward glances. They are in a sense teaching stories—stories that upon reflection tell us about life and how to live or rather how we lived, and a few that explore the end of life. Whatever the binding ties of life may be it is certain that many of our experiences are more common than we may at first believe. Although we may never have hoed in a garden or fished in a pond, played on a Little League team, or shopped in a mall, there are invisible lines of connection that join us together through the commonality of our collective experience. Through stories we see ourselves and call to remembrance how our lives intersect. More than anything else Grandmother’s Garden is about those intersections. At those intersections we meet ourselves and find common ground. We may recognize our having passed that way before or perhaps find ourselves just approaching a similar crossroads or even see others checking the intersection to see if it is safe to cross. Because the stories found here are from life and about life, many are adaptable across a wide range of applications in teaching, ethics, preaching, and just fun to read. Grandmother’s Garden is about all of us: Grandmother’s Garden is about you.
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