What if God got tired waiting for the world to become more loving? What if God saw little hope of traditional Christianity, the Bible, or any existing religion or philosophy managing to make the world adequately loving? What if God decided to say something more about love and to put it into contemporary language? How would God proceed? What would God say?It seems likely that God would speak to persons in prayer, intending for one or more of them to convey the message to others. It is a time-honored practice fraught with challenges, errors, and limitations. To believe that it can happen is to believe that God exists, that God cares about human beings, and that God answers prayer, all basic tenets of Christianity. It would be helpful to believe that God was not and could not have been captured for all time in the words of the past nor even in the words of the present.God answered the author''s prayer and, in a startling message, emphasized the preeminence of love and expressed love''s radical nature. God insisted on equality of worth of men and women, validated sexuality, spoke to love-centered Christians about making churches more loving, redefined issues of wealth and power, warned of abuse by organizations, and supported, welcomed, and accepted homosexuals and bisexuals without insisting upon change or chastity.Believers in exile; those frustrated or disappointed in the church; those who never found a religion or a church worth their time; those who value heterosexuality, bisexuality, or homosexuality; those who trust in science; those who never found a model or message of God worth commitment; and those who are committed to love - all those will appreciate God''s message.What if human life could be improved by love? Would the message not be worth attention?
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