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Not so far away, in the Turupkian system, an on-going war has seen the destruction of the four planets in the outer reaches of its galaxy. Masked soldiers, known as the Kuasarians, have invaded the planet of Turupkian IV and aim to destroy all who inhabit it. Citizens fear for their lives as they flee, seeking refuge in mountains and hidden bases. While the citizens hide, the general and his assistant plan an escape, with the hopes of bringing back the one who can save their entire race. His name is Adam, and he resides on our very planet, Earth. He lives as a typical 16 year old boy; however his body recently seems to be going through some difficult changes. Adam feels someone or something calling to him, but he is unsure how to answer this strange calling. This calling makes Adam struggle deep down inside as he wonders his true identity and seeks answers to his mysterious origins. It is then that General Moira shows up, and Adam must make a decision that will change his life forever. Join General Moira, his assistant, Eli, and Adam as they attempt the unthinkable. Travel with them in the Vindex through parallel universes, experience death defying odds, and witness first hand the planets that the Kuasarian soldiers destroyed. Meet unbelievable characters such as the Sarcio, Kokoshka, Ashram, Commander Pendansky, the Lord of the Light, and, the most feared of them all, Malign. Journey with Adam as he finally finds out who he is and why he was really brought to Turupkian IV. Be by his side when his destiny ultimately finds him and reveals how he became the chosen one. It is a journey that will leave you speechless yet hungry for more.
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ISBN: 9781463490638
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