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The international financial development communities and the diplomatic communities in Washington, D.C. and New York City are rocked to their very foundations when members of the terrorist organization al Qaeda Norte unleash devastating attacks on a number of major cities throughout the American mainland. Foreign nationals come under intense scrutiny, and xenophobia runs rampant. The hated terrorist leader Raheem Karza has secreted dozens of sleeper cell members in clandestine safe houses around major metropolitan areas, many occupying comfortable flats in and around New York City, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles. To ensure that extensive physical trauma and a destructive economic impact is achieved, Karza hits the American mainland with a series of assaults, subway blasts and toxic chemicals. But his most destructive assault is the dispensing of the mind control drug Demi3Alpha through cola machines at a number of the nation’s fast food establishments. The resulting trauma impacts not only the nation, but major metropolitan areas around the globe. Karza and his minions are sought with vigor internationally, but they prove quite elusive. Until the mysterious Smith N. Reston, a former operative of a secretive U.S. intelligence agency, comes out of retirement to seriously address the ongoing assaults. And when Mr. Reston goes after Karza and his associates, most everyone involved in the assaults experiences torturously brief moments to seriously regret having ever taken up arms against the United States of America.
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