Advances in e-Business and Psychology
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The purpose of the Advances in e-Business and Psychology series is to showcase the theories, research, applications, and case studies prepared by industrial-organizational (I-O) psychologists and related professionals who are participating as scientist-practitioners in the broader e-business revolution. This collection of readings should prove useful to researchers, practitioners, and academics alike. Volume 1 in this series includes 16 articles that fall into the following six categories: E-Business Opportunities: The articles in this section review the opportunities that I-O psychologists will discover when they begin to study and advance the e-business revolution.E-Testing Frontiers: These articles address e-testing and assessment topics, currently the most popular area of research and practice among I-O psychologists.E-Performance Metrics: This section will allow I-O psychologists to become better acquainted with the new class of e-metrics associated with the digital age of business. E-Leadership and Collaboration: Articles in this section address the e-business demands on contemporary leadership and virtual teamwork.E-Business Models: This section will allow I-O psychologists to become more familiar with the emerging e-business paradigm shift.Internet-Based Risk Management: Despite the benefits of the e-business revolution, this section includes a classic article on Internet addiction that showcases the darker side of this revolution. We hope that readers will find the first volume of this new series to be both useful and enjoyable. We also hope that academics especially will introduce their undergraduate and graduate level students to the topics covered in this collection of readings.
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